Our Specialties

lakshya malhotra
  • We offer a comprehensive range of Glass Jars and Bottles and provide excellent service at wholesale prices. If you don’t see your product listed on the website please make an enquiry on the Contact Us page and you will get a quick response for the same.
  • We pack all of our jars and bottles carefully, as far as the environment is concerned, using recycled/reused packaging materials wherever possible. Our tendency to use biodegradable materials keeps us with eco friendly trends. Hence sustainability is number priority to us as far as packaging is concerned.
  • Our office and warehouse are strategically located in New Delhi which is a Tier 1 city that is a central hub for ease of dispatch in any direction/location at best rates.
  • We cater to multitude of customers right from individual users to industries purchasing carton/case units to factory based food and drinks industries purchasing multiple pallet quantities.